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This Backyard Could be Yours


Get out of Durham and explore the real world with other Duke Students! Check out some recent testimonials below from our very own Duke in NY‘ers:

“Can’t emphasize this enough – the Duke in NY fall semester program has surpassed my expectations and given me one of the best semesters of my life.”

Naty Arenas Gallo, Fall 2013

“This backyard could be your theatre. If you’re an art buff there’s no better place to be – weekly shows, museums passes, metro passes AND the whole point is to explore every aspect of a city! What better semester goal is there than that?!”

Ben Hatt, Fall 2013

Want to learn more? Visit:

— Photo and original post by Brielle Batesko.


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Follow our Foodies!


Duke in New Yorkers don’t go hungry. In fact, we have our very own Instagram restaurant locator courtesy of Fall 2013 student Naty Arenas Gallo: #DiNYeats! Follow it; then join us in New York and contribute some local favorites of your own in 2014.

You can also access our foodies’ footsteps on your computer here: Happy trails!

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December 10, 2013 · 3:27 am

OCCUPIED: An Analysis of the 99%

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Cameron Thompkins Project Links

Love, NY


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Greg Ketchum

Much like the mysterious and elusive advertising God we know from the hit television series Mad Men, Donald Draper, Greg Ketchum is also a hard man to get to know…at least online, that is.  Throw any combination of “Greg Ketchum”, “Ogilvy”, or “BBDO” into google and suddenly whatever concise wikipedia biography you might have pictured in your head is poof, gone.  Greg Ketchum seems to be all over the place, and maybe that’s good in his profession of creative advertising.

However, it was clear that Greg Ketchum has and continues to work as part of a pair with Tom Godici.  Both carry two decades of experience in the business of advertising as Executive Creative Directors at Ogilvy & Mather, David Ogilvy’s brainchild advertising agency, and now hold the same positions at BBDO, a worldwide advertising agency network formed by the merger of Barton, Durstine & Osborn and the Batten Company.  They are best known for the launch of the “Smarter Planet” campaign for IBM during their time at Ogilvy.  “Smarter Planet” is IBM’s creative business strategy to make the planet “smarter” through organization and distribution of data, the collaboration between systems, businesses, and technologies, and advancement of management to oversee the interconnection, intelligence, and instrumentation of our resources in a changing world.  As you can see, advertising today has definitely expanded from those little drawing boards we see on Mad Men.

Ketchum returned to BBDO in December of last year after once working there between 1989 and 1997 at the West Coast branch.  During those eight years Ketchum was the Creative Director on the Apple Computer account.  He then moved to a Hal Riney & Partners (now Publicis & Hal Riney) serving as Creative Director for Saturn and Worldwide Creative Director for HP.  This time at BBDO, Ketchum will be overseeing many different accounts and clients for the expansive agency.  Ketchum stresses, “I’m a copy-writer first.”  But he’s definitely a copy-writer with a whole lot of experience and power.

Also like Don Draper, Ketchum has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the advertising and creative world, moving on up, making big creative director power moves.  Except, I’m pretty sure he didn’t go through all that Korean War drama and isn’t harboring a secret past and a secret name.  We can only hope that despite this distinction, he still sips whiskey straight in his office like it’s his job.

-Dayna Uyeda

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Andrew May

Andrew May

Andrew May is a man of many assorted interests.  As he lists on his LinkedIn page, some of these interests include music, art, film, photography, bikes, books, friends, and sunshine.  Mr. May sings, he plays instruments, and with a reported 19, 732 songs in his iTunes library, to say he loves to listen to music would be an understatement.

He grew up in Illinois and graduated from Baylor University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Digital Media.  He now works as a producer at Sound Lounge in New York, overseeing all operations at the company.  Interestingly enough, Andrew actually began his career at Sound Lounge as an intern, last year, while he was still a senior at Baylor.  Then, after graduation, he continued on to work at Sound Lounge as a production coordinator and, later, a marketing coordinator before ultimately transitioning into his current position as a producer.

For those unfamiliar with the work of Sound Lounge, Sound Lounge is a New York City based company that provides premium audio services for commercials, television series, feature films, video games, and an array of other new forms of media.  They work with major ad agencies and production companies, both inside and outside of the United States, and Sound Lounge’s feature film department has a well-regarded history of providing complete audio post-production service for some of the most influential documentaries and independent films to come out of New York City.  Some of the many acclaimed films that have enlisted the services of Sound Lounge include Rachel Getting Married, Limitless, Blue Valentine, and O Brother, Where Art Thou? 

[To learn more about Sound Lounge and their commendable body of work, check out their website.]

Aside from his work at Sound Lounge, Andrew May also produces movies and has acted as a Freelance Audio Engineer.  The movie he is currently producing is called Where We Started, and it is a film about two strangers, a man and a woman, both married, who contemplate having an affair.  Where We Started tackles the provocative question, “When there’s a line you know you shouldn’t cross…what makes you cross it anyway?”

Andrew May has a fun, quirky personal website, so if you’d like to learn even more about him and his eclectic interests, please check it out.


–Christian Tyler

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Eric Oberstein

Eric Oberstein may appear young in age, but his accomplishments as a musician and educator rank in veteran status. Eric began his undergraduate studies as a student at Duke University where he earned a degree in Cultural Anthropology accompanied by Arts Management and Latin American Studies certificates. At Duke he served as the assistant producer at Duke Performances. He also started a program called ArtsConnect, an after-school arts program where Duke student artists teach Durham elementary children about all areas of the arts at local community centers.

After his time at Duke, Eric earned his masters degree from the Program in Arts Administration at Teachers College, Columbia University, where his thesis appears in the anthology 20UNDER40. Eric is also an alumni of the Harvard Arts in Education Graduate Program, where he also worked as a special projects associate.

Apart from his impressive scholarly track record, Eric has also accomplished a lot in the world of business and music. Eric has worked at the Lincoln Center, The Carolina Theatre of Durham, and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, where he helped to coordinate the organization’s 50th anniversary celebration. Eric currently serves as Executive Director of the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, a New York-based non-profit that supports the work of the GRAMMY Award-winning Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra. He was a producer on two of the orchestra’s albums, 40 Acers and a Burro and Rise Negra, which was named one of the top jazz albums of 2009 by The Wall St. Journal and The Village Voice.

As a musician, Eric produces music along with playing the Drums and Saxophone.

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