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Guest Blogger: Jessica Edison

in Greenwich Village on the corner of Bleecker and 11th. This bakery is fairly famous and known for
its cupcakes. I actually first heard of
it from a friend in Columbus, Ohio. Also, it’s apparently mentioned in Sex and the City. The bakery’s reputation precedes
it—I have been there probably half a dozen times and the line has always been
literally out the door and around the corner. However, the line moves quickly and the wait is well worth it. For a mere $2 you can get a freshly baked and
delicious cupcake. Though, I must warn
you it’s difficult to only get one.

My personal favorite is
a vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing. There is always a choice of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes as well as
chocolate or vanilla icing.  In addition,
there are cookies, cakes, and other typical bakery items. (My friend’s
boyfriend raves about the banana pudding). Also, if you are feeling parched, the bakery sells bottled water for $1
which is the cheapest I have found anywhere. This bakery is fairly close to NYU and definitely worth checking out.

            401 Bleecker St
            New York, NY

            Phone: (212) 462-2572

A, C, E at 14th St; L at 8th Ave

Hours: Mon 12pm-11:30pm,
        Tue-Fri 9am-11:30pm ,
        Sat 10am-12:30am,
        Sun 10am-11:30pm

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Guest Blogger: Teddy Tu

As this is my first time in an extended stay in New York, one thing that my
friends have said through the ages is that New York Shopping is second to none.
I have been to Hong Kong and Tokyo many times and those are also considered to
be top tier shopping cities. Though I am not a ?high fashion? or ?edgy?
or whatever description that may make it seem that I wear anything more
?cooler? than a straight solid-color polo shirt with khaki shorts or pants
depending on the weather, I was interested in having a unique ?shopping
experience? in New York City. Naturally, I was drawn to the Upper East Side,
particularly 5th Ave and Madison Ave due to their International appeal through
their well known names such as Prada, Dior, Intermix, etc? However, I was
actually into more of the Department Stores than these boutiques.  As I was
looking to buy a friend a birthday present, I finally had an excuse to wander
the aisles and floors of stores like Bloomingdales, Macys, Barneys, and
Bergdorf Goodman. Yes, I did feel extremely awkward about 95% of the time
because I was looking for a present for a girl so I was looking at everything
from perfume to handbags to scarves. I did not have any preparation for the
type of terms the saleswomen were throwing at me like, ?What?s her
style?? To, I suppose, an average shopper who knows what he or she is doing,
that seems to be a very simple question. To me, however, it might have been in
Martian. As to that question, I replied jokingly, ?The looking good style??
Thankfully, she knew I was out of my element and proceeded to ask me questions
about her personality and what she had wore in the past. It was also a great
thing that I have been friends with her since I was 5 and remembered a lot of
what she had wore in the past. We went through everything, identifying shoes
like ?ballerina flats, chandelier earrings, to Miu Miu boots that were
?in? for the fall. We had then proceeded to pick out a handbag that was
?perfect.? This experience not only showed me the shopping culture of New
York, but it also opened a complete fashion-idiot like me to the intricacies of


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Guest Blogger: Teddy Tu


An experience like watching a professional baseball game in Yankee Stadium is one of the most exciting for a baseball fan as myself. But to watch the Yankees AND the Red Sox, my team of allegiance, in Yankee Stadium in the middle of a pennant race in early September, is something I will remember forever. As we sit now and wait for Game 4 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and
the Colorado Rockies, reflecting on that experience in "The House that Ruth Built", I could relate the experience those fans feel in Colorado with my own sitting in that game on that warm September Subway_street
night. As expected, game itself was emotionally intense and fun, nothing out of the ordinary between these rivals, considered to be the best rival in sports along with Duke-North Carolina, Colts-Patriots, and Ohio State-Michigan.

Though the baseball aspect of it was great, since baseball is my favorite sport and the Red Sox are my favorite team, the seats that I was able to get was ever better. Sitting about a dozen
rows behind home plate, compliments of a friend, I was able to sit two rows behind Tiger Woods and three seats to the left of Cameron Diaz.

Though seeing celebrities in Yankee Stadium is not an anomaly, much like it is in Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, I could not help but to be a little star struck seeing the greatest golfer in the history of its sport and an A-list movie star who has starred in one of the funniest movies, ?There?s something about Mary.?  All in all, watching a Red Sox-Yankees game in New York as a Red Sox fan, meeting celebrities like Tiger Woods and Cameron Diaz, and watching the Red Sox win gave an ideal start to the DiNY program for me for the Fall of 2007.


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Guest Blogger: Jessica Edison

I kinda saw this musical three times. While this may make me slightly insane, in my defense, ISpring_awakening1lg
did not plan to
see it three times. It is just that
people (i.e. my parents,
visiting friends, and the class) kept wanting to go to it, and I almost never
turn down a Broadway musical.

I must admit that I do have an unusually high tolerance for re-watching things,
I feel that this is a particularly good show and highly recommend it. Based on the play of the same name by Frank
Wedekind, Spring Awakening tells the story of a sexual awakening of a
group of young adolescents in 1890’s provincial Germany which leads to tragic
consequences. While the musical retains
the same setting, it incorporates modern rock-like show tunes, which oddly work
wonderfully into the story. (In
addition, there are some major plot changes between the play and the

music is by Duncan Sheik who is known for the hit-song “Barely Breathing.” I enjoyed the songs so much that I downloaded
the entire album from iTunes. (I also
downloaded “Barely Breathing” which I used to like but had completely forgotten
about). My favorite song is probably
“Totally F****d” which is a high-energy full-cast or nearly full-cast
number. And honestly, any song that ends
with the cast flipping off the audience is going to make me smile. Also, if in addition to swearing, you like
partial nudity and somewhat graphic sex scenes, then this is the musical for

don’t, however, want to give the idea that this piece is just about swearing
and nudity. It is honestly a really good
and well-done serious work. If you don’t
want to believe me then trust the Tony Awards—it won eight including best
musical. The original leads are still
performing, and this is definitely a musical worth checking out. 

New York Times Review

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Guest Blogger: Dylan Savage

Rent was the first live musical I saw on Broadway, and it
was a completely amazing experience for me. Like I mentioned in class, I think
I encountered what other people feel when seeing their own favorite medium
performed. The physical reaction I felt wasn’t one of disgust and terror like I
had in The Misanthrope… instead I felt
such an intense happiness swelling in my chest that I couldn’t help mouthing
every song to myself and almost dancing in my seat to the songs. I was smiling
for hours afterwards. During the sad parts (I won’t mention details in case
anyone hasn’t seen it yet and wants to) I was moved to tears several times,
which was a much stronger reaction than I had in Madama Butterfly even though I felt attached to that piece as well.
I feel like this experience demonstrated to me the way that art can evoke such
strong involuntary guttural reactions, and it has made me more closely analyze
the way I react to other pieces. I try to decipher exactly what I’m feeling at
the end of a show, and then instead of saying that I simply liked or disliked
the feeling I got I try to figure out whether I experienced what the artist intended for me to feel.

I went into Spring Awakening with several rave reviews from
my friends, so I had extremely high expectations that it would be my new
favorite musical. After the performance, I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt
about what I had just seen. It wasn’t that I found the material inappropriate,
and it didn’t exactly make me uncomfortable because I had anticipated the
performance to incorporate a bit of raunchiness. I think it was that I thought
the performance as a whole fell a little flat, and I wasn’t really emotionally
invested in the storyline. I agree with many of my classmates that the story is
disjointed and at times unbelievable, but as we read in the beginning of the
semester the musical as an art form requires the suspension of reality as its
basis and I therefore try not to consider plausibility in whether or not I
enjoy the performance. However, I do feel like there was something missing
onstage that didn’t reach out to me the way that Rent did.

After giving it some thought, I came to the following
conclusion. Going into Rent, I had seen the movie and listened to the
soundtrack millions of times, so it was like seeing my favorite band in
concert. I had only heard the 2 songs from Spring Awakening that we listened to
in class, so it was an entirely new sensory experience all around and I think I
was a bit overwhelmed trying to incorporate the story, the acting, and the
music into one comprehensive heuristic while all at the same time trying to do
so in a way that would align myself with the popular opinion that Spring
Awakening was worthy of the Tonys and acclaim it received.

When we got back to the New Yorker, I bought the soundtrack
on iTunes and listened to it again all the way through. I had liked a couple of
the songs during the performance, namely “Mama Who Bore Me” and “The Bitch of
Living,” but listening to it in my room without watching the performance I
absolutely loved every single song. I’m even listening to it as I write this
post, and by now I’ve memorized almost the entire musical. I think this strange
phenomenon is due in part to the fact that the soundtrack is recorded much like
a CD and doesn’t sound like a Broadway cast recording, so it plays more like a
band’s album whose music I enjoy. I want to see the show again now that I know
the story and the music, and I think it will be really interesting to see how
my opinion differs the second time around. Once the stagehands’ strike ends,
hopefully I will have the chance to do this before I leave

New York


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Guest Blogger: Ally

On Saturday night I saw an opera, voluntarily, and loved
it.   Ok, so it wasn’t exactly a
traditional opera, but it was technically an opera nonetheless: Rent. This was my third time seeing it, and it was
just aRent_castrecordings incredible this time, maybe even more so, than the first two. As most of you, or probably all of you,
already know, I am not exactly what you would call a theater person. It takes a lot for me to really get in to a
show and actually want to go. However, I
absolutely LOVE Rent. As I said, I have
seen it three times and I would definitely see it again.

Rent is one of those shows that grows on you. The first time I saw it I was really
confused, but I still liked the music and enjoyed it despite not being exactly
sure what was going on. (I was also 12
or 13 so some of the content definitely went right over my head). Anyway, I started listening to the songs a
lot after the first show and it started to make a lot more sense.

I also got to the point where I knew every
single word to the entire show (I still do). Now seeing it
this time, the experience was so different. I saw it with Dylan and our friend Amanda who
was visiting, both of whom had never seen it before, although Dyl knew the
music/story and had seen the movie. The
cast was totally different from the other times I saw the show, and Tamyra Gray
was absolutely AMAZING as Mimi. During
“Out Tonight” it was incredible to watch her dance the way she was and still
manage to keep her voice from wavering at all. I walked out of the show and was just in such a good mood. I had the songs stuck in my head for the next
few days.

This is what I went in to Spring Awakening expecting. I thought I was going to absolutely love the
show and want to listen to the soundtrack immediately. However, I was not as taken with it as I was
with Rent. I found some of the plot
confusing and rushed. I did like some of
the songs a lot but I think I would need to have a pretty good understanding of
the plot before I saw it again, which I do eventually want to do. I think part of the problem that led to my
disappointment was the fact that I was expecting something entirely
different. I had been expecting a
full-fledge comedy, not a tragedy where two of the main characters die by the

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