Megan Tuck

Megan Tuck is an associate account executive at BlissPR, a public relations company that works with clients in the financial services as well as professional services and healthcare industries. After studying sociology and markets and management at Duke, she worked as a PR intern in consumer, lifestyle, and travel at HL Group and as a communications intern at Volunteers of America.

PR is a multifaceted industry that is changing rapidly because of online media. The goal of PR is basically to build, improve and maintain rapport between a company or individual and its customers, employees, investors, voters, and general public. It involves following social trends (including the rapid growth of technology) and effectively communicating with people in order to bolster the company’s standing. PR generally involves publicity from sources like press releases, media kits, brochures, publicity events, reports, blogs, and social media.

It sounds like advertising, but there are a number of differences. For example, in PR, the goal is to get the word out without paying for ad space. (A press release can generate a lot of publicity at a much lower cost than an advertisement.) The tone is completely different, much more no-nonsense than a flashy advertising campaign can be. But in some ways both industries are changing similarly (online communication is changing both dramatically). Here’s a page with more about the differences between PR and advertising.

As a worker in PR, Megan enjoys being able to see the finished product of her and her peer’s work, knowing that she is a part of each project’s success. BlissPR, her employer, does PR for clients in a number of services looking for professional PR from a third party. She primarily works with financial service companies, which allows her a wide scope of clients and work. BlissPR has an extensive list of some of its clients in the financial services on its website.


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