DUKE IN NEW YORK ARTS & MEDIA is a unique Program taught by Duke Professors who come with you to New York and supervise courses — including an internship — that carry Duke credit, have full and useful matrix coding and can count towards many majors and certificates. It gives you free subway passes, the best museum pass ever, tickets to plays, concerts, jazz clubs, and so much more! Walk through exciting parts of the city, enjoy delicious meals, discover favorite places, meet guests from the world of the arts, media, and business, and make new friends – all in an exciting, action-filled Duke in New York adventure!

The Fall Arts & Media Program is a complete, exciting semester for students who have some background in — or want to learn more about — art, music, theatre, and media, including magazine and book publishing, advertising, film, and television. It includes an internship for Duke credit without the extra cost of coming to the city just to intern. It also includes an NYU course of your choice – a great way to take subjects not available at Duke or to complete a requirement. You’ll live in a secure Duke environment and get to see tons of performances and events. You’ll also get to meet outstanding leaders from the arts, media, and business fields – both in your internship and at class. The Fall Program gives you an entire Fall semester living, working, and playing in New York, and doing an internship, while not missing a beat towards graduation.

Summer Internships in the City is for people who want to intern in New York over the summer AND receive the course credit many employers require. It lets you complete an extra course in addition to the internship, helping to free up senior year. It lets you do an internship, in any field, without having to worry about finding housing or being on your own. You’ll live in a friendly, furnished, secure Duke environment, get Duke credit, attend some performances and other events, and become familiar with the City. All majors have applied and loved it.

Either, or even both, may be right for you! Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in all majors.


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