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Colin Tierney

If Colin Tierney’s name sounds familiar to you, there’s a reason for that. He graduated from Duke in 2009, and he made his mark while he was there — “Colin Tierney” was one of those names that popped up in the Chronicle all the time. Early in his Duke career, Colin noticed that there were plenty of people making music around campus, but he also noticed that these musicians had nowhere to record their work. Colin and his friend Dan Corkum decided to do something about this. During their freshman year, the two founded Small Town Records, Duke’s first student-run record label and recording studio. As president of Small Town Records, Colin helped secure start-of-the-art recording equipment for the studio, produced an annual student compilation album, and organized release parties and live music events. Small Town Records is still thriving today under the umbrella of Duke University Union, providing a place on campus for the musically inclined to record and produce their own music. Here is a Chronicle article on Small Town Records’ founding, a profile of Colin, and a piece on a planned Small Town Records event back in 2008.

Throughout his tenure at Duke, Colin worked as an intern with V2 Records, helping to market and execute the indie rock band Roman Candle’s lifestyle tour; he interned with the Warner Music Group; and he spent a summer working for a think-tank, the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress (an internship which fulfilled requirements for his public policy major). After graduation, Colin went on to work as an independent contractor for several months, providing marketing and e-commerce services to various bands and artists. He then took a position with the music and technology company Indaba Music in December of 2009. Colin currently serves as marketing manager at Indaba, where he’s developed the online marketing and social media campaigns for artists such as Paul Simon, Daft Punk, Metric, and Peter Gabriel.

Colin is also a musician himself. He plays guitar and has been writing songs for over eight years, citing Americana as his biggest influence.

Emma Miller


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Jessica Laun

Jessica Laun

Jessica Laun

Jessica Laun graduated Magna Cum Laude from Duke University in 2005, with degrees in Music Theory and Composition and International Comparative Studies. During her time at Duke, she was heavily involved in the campus music scene, being a member of the Duke Chorale and music director of Rhythm & Blue, Duke’s oldest co-ed a capella group.

After graduating from Duke and spending some time at home in San Diego, she decided to move to New York City to follow her passion in the music industry. Thanks to her relationships with Professors of music Stephen Jaffe and Anthony Kelley, Jessicca was able to enter the industry through a year-long internship at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). In 2006, she began working at Boosey & Hawkes as a publications and marketing coordinator. During her time at Boosey & Hawkes, Jessica moved on from being the publications coordinator for the company’s choral series into music licensing for tv, film, and advertising. As part of the Synchronized Licensing Department of the company, she was responsible for pitching and licensing music for such tv shows and movies as The Simpsons, The Truman Show, and the Spiderman series.

After working at Boosey & Hawkes for approximately 3 years, Jessica was hired by Warner/Chappell Music, where she currently works as a Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing. Besides her current occupation, Jessica is also the Secretary on the board of directors for The Young New Yorkers’ Chorus, where she helps program concerts to encourage young musicians in the field of choral music.

Jessica has stated that she is very happy to have found her dream job, commenting on the subject; “You just can’t be afraid to try and really go after what you want. If there’s anytime to do it, to take a risk, it’s as a college graduate.”

 -Barış Köksalan

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Final Project Showcase: Blogger’s Guide to Life

As many of you know, I created this New York State of Mind blog for my final project.   My internship this semester at the venture capital-backed Oddcast, Inc. inspired me to get this blog up and running (so too did certain Oddcast co-workers…thanks Charlie!) .  Quick note about Oddcast: Oddcast creates very successful viral marketing campaigns for companies like ESPN, American Express, and Disney.  For two awesome examples of Oddcast’s work, check out  Starbucks Its Red Again and Purina Doggie Mail. OK, back to my blog:

This fall, my main project at
Oddcast consisted of marketing the company’s animated character-based services to influential technology-minded business bloggers.  This involved first figuring out which bloggers were influential, and second, contacting these bloggers and convincing them to use Oddcast’s products and Header_logo
services.  In the process of looking over hundreds of blogs, I learned a lot not only about communications technology and online business, but also about blogging in general.

After my time at Oddcast, I feel that it is becoming more and more of a standard for individuals
and companies to have live, dynamic online spaces where prospective employers and clients Starbucksex
can go  to learn about  the company or individual’s day-to-day operations, writings, and thoughts.   This is where a blog can be very helpful.  Essentially, a blog is "a regularly updated

journal published on the web" (thank you Technorati).  The
key difference between a blog and a run-of-the-mill website is this regular updating.  A blog is a live, dynamic space for self-expression. 

Over the past few months, I’ve very much enjoyed creating and facilitating this New York State of Mind blog.  The blog has ended up serving as both a Duke in New York online community space and also as a PR and marketing vehicle for the program.  Since it worked out well this semester, we’ve decided to try and make New York State of Mind a permanent fixture in the Duke in New York program.   

  In order to make the blog sustainable, I wrote up a Blogger’s Bible as part of my final project.  My goal with the Duke in New York Blogger’s Bible was to make Bloggersbibleannotations_1
it possible (and easy) for a

student with no knowledge of
HTML coding or web design to become the new manager of New York State of Mind.   

If you’re interested in creating a TypePad blog of your own, or if you’re interested in learning more about either this Duke in New York blog or the ideas behind blogging in general, take a look at this Blogger’s Bible!  The document is eleven pages long (including diagrams), and there is an annotated bibliography at the end detailing some of my sources, so it may take a minute to download, but it should be worth checking out.  Hope you find it helpful!   

Download DukeinNY_BloggersBible_KristinaWilson.doc

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Internship Showcase: Nick Jr.’s “Go, Diego, Go!”

Diegologo_2 Check out what Duke in New Yorker Sarah Allen, our bilingual Miami native and resident child psychology expert, has to say about her internship:

"Go, Diego, Go! is an educational television program, aimed at children from the ages of three to five.  The show is a spin-off of Dora the Explorer, one of the most acclaimed show on MTV Network’s Nick Jr..  Go, Diego, Go! continues Dora’s bilingual educational television for children.

At Go, Diego, Go!  I work as a research intern.  On Tuesdays, I work to plan and prepare for research with young children later in the week.  Wednesdays and Thursdays are the most important days.  I usually meet the research team at 8:00 AM to visit an elementary school and conduct research. 

When we arrive at the schools, I set up the research environment, strategically placing potato heads, puzzles, markers and paper around the space.  More importantly, I take notes on the children’s interactions with the show and record the children’s responses to "group comprehension questions" at the end of the episode. 

Diego1_2 On Fridays, in addition to compiling the week’s research data, I assist the production team in analyzing the data and adjusting the examined episode accordingly. 

Not only has this internship taught me about the research and production of a children’s educational television show, it has also taught me a great deal about communicating with superiors in a professional setting". 

Currently Sarah is drawing upon her Go, Diego, Go!  experience to research and create a children’s book about adventures in NYC.  In addition to the book, Sarah is creating an extensive documentary film about her research with four and five year-old’s about the book, both prior to and after its creation.Diego2_4

To see and hear the  Go, Diego, Go!  theme song, check out this unfortunately low-quality YouTube video:



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Internship Showcase: Sarah Ellis and the New York Musical Theater Festival

Nymf2_1 Sarah Ellis, dancer, pianist, and aspiring musical theater composer (she’s creating a new musical with fellow Duke in New Yorker Julia Robertson–it’s going to be incredible.  seriously, just wait for our post about it…), is interning this semester with the New York Musical Theater Festival. 

From September 10th through October 1st, the New York Musical Theater Festival (NYMF) puts on over 30 new musicals throughout midtown Manhattan.  This year, during its third season, NYMF attracted over 36,400 attendees across all Festival events.  In today’s musical theater climate, where it costs between $10 and $15 million to produce a Broadway musical, the NYMF mission is to provide opportunities for new musical theater artists to stage their shows and to be discovered.

Here’s the word from Sarah about the latest and greatest at NYMF:   

"A lot of you have asked what I have been up to with the NY Musical Theatre Festival since the actual Festival ended a month ago.  The answer?  Preparing for the NYMF Awards Gala, which was held November 12 at the Hudson Theater!

This star-studded gala honoring Kevin McCollum was a fundraising event that included a reception, dinner, awards show, performance, and VIP after-party.  The other interns and I (see the photo below–I’m third from the left) worked the event, so it was very exciting to check in stars like Sutton Foster, Bob Martin, Anthony Rapp, Kelli O’Hara, and everyone’s favorite Broadway producer, Manny Azenberg!


The performance was probably the highlight of the evening; Kevin McCollum performed his own version of "I Don’t Wanna Show Off" from The Drowsy Chaperone, and [title of show] brilliantly rewrote their opening song to roast Kevin. 

I had the chance to speak with the cast of [title of show] at the after-party, as well, and they were thrilled to hear that several of us were writing musicals for our final projects.  They encouraged us

to keep killing those vampires!

Hope you enjoy these photos from the event!"



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