Daniel Karslake

Daniel Karslake

Daniel Karslake: documentary producer, director, writer, and, most importantly, life changer.  A New Yorker with a public policy degree from our very own Duke University, Mr. Karslake has tackled each production project with gusto, bringing awareness to problems native to the United States and abroad.

After attending USC film school, Mr. Karslake got his start in fundraising with City of Hope.  He did this in New York, constantly traveling back and forth between there and the West coast.  While in this position, he met the host of PBS’s newsmagazine In The Life.  He took this opportunity to do some work with them while still at City of Hope, but soon took the leap to completely focus on producing for the program, which focuses on issues concerning homosexuality, religion, and where the two meet.  It does not come at too large a surprise, then, that his first major film, For the Bible Tells Me So (2007), also zeroes down on this subject, following five separate American families on their journeys to reconcile their religious beliefs with their children’s sexual identities.  This film won several awards and nominations in the film festival circuit, including gaining a spot at Sundance, and garnered much support with both religious and LGBT communities.  Comments on Youtube called the film life changing and powerful.

After the success of his first film, Mr. Karslake began work on his second film, Every Three Seconds, which tackles the subject of world poverty and hunger.  As a more dynamic approach to hunger, the film strives to focus on human motivation, or lack thereof, to help end hunger and many other world problems.  It will focus on five people who all have experienced a hunger to change their world and how they accomplished such a seemingly large feat.

You can find Mr. Karslake on his LinkedIn profile and his Twitter, @dogooderdan.  Read articles about Mr. Karslake from Duke Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Professional Destiny. Also watch interviews with him on his two films here and here.



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