Geri Thoma

“Books may well be the only true magic.”
-Alice Hoffman

Geri Thoma is a literary agent for the Elaine Markson Agency, located in Greenwich Village. Before pursuing a career in book publication, Thoma studied history at the University of Maryland and Columbia University. She claims that her passion for history began in the summer of the Watergate hearings, an event that she followed by the minute. She joined the Agency in 1980, as an assistant. She went on to become the foreign rights director and began to start her own list in 1983. In 2003, she became an official partner in the agency. Having a passion for history, she represents a list of famous American historians, who focus on a wide range of topics in American history. Apart from history books, she is also interested in biographies, memoirs, interesting sociological books, and narrative journalism. In 2007, she took on Ann Packer’s novel Songs Without Words. To read an article written in the New York Times regarding this project and subsequent novel, click here.
Elaine Markson founded the agency, Markson Thoma, in 1972, with the hopes of creating a small independent literacy agency that would foster a tight-knit group and detail oriented managing style. To this day, they have succeeded in doing just that, and as a result, are able to celebrate the amazing list of authors, novelists, historians, and journalists they represent. Markson Thoma proudly represents authors such as Barry Glassner, Kim Edwards, Alice Hoffman, and Billie Letts, who have all published national bestsellers. Their clients have received countless awards and honors, ranging from the Pulitzer Prize to the National Book Award and the Newbery Honor Book. To see a full list, click here.
We are so excited to hear more about Geri Thoma’s journey, hardships, successes and joys as a literary agent for Markson Thoma.


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