Kate Torgovnick: A Brief Introduction

           Originally from Durham, North Carolina, Kate Torgovnick is a journalist, editor, and author now based in New York City. Torgovnick attended Barnard College at Columbia University where she received a degree in sociology and was editor-in-chief of the student newspaper. After college, she started working as the assistant to the editor of Jane magazine, later advancing to the position of associate editor for Jane. Torgovnick’s body of work for Jane includes interview pieces with stars like Jeremy Piven as well as investigative works.

In 2005, Kate was assigned to cover NCA College Nationals for a piece in Jane, and her experience led her to write her first book, a work of nonfiction entitled Cheer!: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders. In order to pursue research for her book, she left Jane in 2006 and became a freelance writer. Kate has written several articles for The New York Times and Page Six Magazine, among other publications. Her article “Getting Paid for your A’s” appeared in Time magazine in 2008. Links to some of her other articles can be found on her website.

Initially published in 2008 and now available in a reprinted edition, Cheer! debuted to great critical acclaim. Torgovnick’s book follows three different universities on their journey to nationals, chronicling the discipline and drive needed to succeed in this competitive sport and debunking misconceptions about cheerleading along the way. Cheer! has been praised by Daily Cents  as a “unique hybrid of narrative non-fiction that reads like fiction,” while Good Morning America describes it as “a fascinating look at something most people misunderstand.” In 2010, the CW television network debuted Hellcats, a fictional drama based on Cheer!.

          Today Kate Torgovnick is the news and pop culture editor at the webzine TheFrisky.com, which focuses on “love, life, stars, and style.” She provides interesting and insightful posts on many pop culture events. Links to some of her blog posts can be found here. Also, an interview with Kate about Cheer! can be found here, and here is a link to her appearance on Good Morning America.

 Amanda Ukleja


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