Courtney Sullivan

Courtney Sullivan with her debut book, Commencement.

J. Courtney Sullivan is a writer, journalist, and New York Times best-selling author with her debut novel, Commencement. Commencement is a clever and grippingly fun book that follows the lives of four best friends through their many experiences at Smith College and afterwards. Since its release in January 2009, Commencement has been extremely well regarded by critics all around, who have deemed it as an “intelligent,” “inviting,” and “compulsively readable” novel with “warmly believable” characters.

Not surprisingly, Courtney is a proud graduate of Smith College, where she says she met “some of the most incredible women in the world.” The four women and their accounts in her novel, however, are not based on reality. Instead, only bits and pieces of Commencement come from her real experiences.

One of Courtney's awesome must-reads.

In addition to Commencement, Courtney has written Dating Up: Dump the Schlump and Find a Quality Man, a guide helping women find the right man, co-edited Click: When We Knew We Were Feminists, a compilation of people’s accounts that led them to feminism, and contributed to The Secret Currency of Love, an essay anthology about women’s money relationships with loved ones. She has also written numerous articles for The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, New York Magazine, Elle, Allure, Glamour, and the New York Observer, to name a few.

Courtney just finished working on her second novel, Maine, which tells the stories of a New England family’s last summer at their beach house. She also worked in the editorial department of The New York Times and currently serves as a member on the advisory board of Girls Write Now, a non-profit organization helping underserved high school girls in New York City develop their creative writing skills. Also, if you have some free time, check out You may browse through some of Courtney’s funny contributions to the site!

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