Greg Ketchum: Jack of All Trades of the Creative World

“6.8 billion people. One voice. Together, we can fight climate change.” I’m sure that you’ve heard those words before. Greg Ketchum is the one of the brains behind this and other elements of the compelling Hopenhagen Campaign. As a Senior Partner and Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather, New York, Greg has been involved with campaigns such as Lenovo Tank; Motorola: Rocking the Cellphone Vote, and a host of IBM Campaigns including IBM Data Anthem; IBM: What Makes You Special?; and IBM Data Energy. He also helped develop the IBM Green campaign, an initiative for which he and his team received a Silver New York Addy Award for Creative Excellence.

Greg’s amazing work at Ogilvy displays only a bit of his creative genius. After graduating from the University of San Diego, Greg first worked as a copywriter at Phillip Ramsey. He brought the skills that he acquired while copywriting at Phillip Ramsey to BBDO, a top advertising agency in New York, where he gained the post of senior vice president and creative director. After serving as senior vice president at BBDO for a time, Greg later went on to become the senior vice president at Hal Riney & Partners, where he helped develop the HP Green Room and Saturn 8 Bucks a Day campaigns. Now, as a leader at Ogilvy, one of the most successful international advertising, marketing, and public relations firms in the world, Greg continues to develop advertisements and media that make consumers laugh, make consumers cry, and best of all, connect consumers with top products and brands. Functioning sometimes as a copywriter, sometimes as an art director, sometimes as a group creative director and oftentimes as all of these at once, Greg is what some would call a jack of all trades of the creative world.

-To see a list of Greg’s work, go to:

-For examples of Greg’s work, see:

Motorola Striptease  <>

Hopenhagen <>

-To learn more about Ogilvy, Greg’s place of work, see:
-Check out Greg’s professional profile at:

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