Why Tudor City is Worth Your Time by Meaghan Hynes

Tudor City is a tucked away treasure for those who wish to simultaneously enjoy the manmade and natural wonders of Manhattan. This small residential neighborhood all at once boasts a plethora of green trees and vibrant roses, a breezy overlook of the nearby East River, and picturesque view of 42nd Street’s finest architecture. In fact, Tudor City’s view of the Chrysler Building is far superior to the ground level angles along 42nd Street, making this location the perfect spot for photographs of the famous building. A passerby might interpret the pristine black gates enclosing Tudor City, and this enclave’s seclusion in general, as signals to the public that this is a private, residents-only community. But don’t be fooled. The atmosphere inside these gates is more than inviting: when I visited, small children and their nannies said hello as they passed, and the multiple people walking their pets were as friendly as they get in the city (one woman even asked if I wanted to play with her dog).

So what is there to do in Tudor City? As previously mentioned, this location is wonderful for site seeing and taking photographs. Opposite the view of 42nd, a balcony between two apartment buildings looks out to the water and provides an eagle-eye view to the beautiful white United Nations Headquarters below. The apartment towers themselves are quite gorgeous, charming in their authenticity and adorned with stained glass windows and green awnings. You can also eat here at the upscale Italian restaurant Convivio, which offers both indoor and outdoor seating in warm weather. This spot would be ideal for a business lunch or dinner date. Tudor City is also a wonderful place to get lost in a book. When I was there, many people occupied the spotless benches in the gated gardens, which are kept quiet by “No Honking” signs on the periphery. Stopping by Tudor City even for just a half-hour is a great way to escape the city shuffle.


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