The Secret Garden: Conservatory Garden in Carnegie Hill

The culminating point of interest on my walking tour of Carnegie Hill was Central Park’s Conservatory Garden located on 104th and 5th Avenue. The garden is absolutely beautiful with a variety of hidden places to get lost in a novel or enjoy the bewitching nature of the fountains and flowers. 

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Upon entering through the wrought-iron, golden tipped gates you are immediately transported into an enchanting land of flora. I came across three amazing spots within the garden itself. The first being a lovely walkway, lined with wooden benches and faintly shaded by the leaves of the ivy-trimmed trees. The still and quiet was  enough to make me want to stay on this hidden pathway to enjoy the noiselessness and calm often not found in the city.  The second spot I found was the french-style garden featuring a halo of boxwood and pansies centered around the enticing Three Dancing Maidens fountain. The best part of this garden were the beautiful flowers featured all throughout this part of the garden and the arches lined with foliage and flowers. The sound of rushing water the fountain makes could honestly lull you into a summer nap, if it weren’t for the enamoring beauty of your surroundings. Lastly, I found an amazing place to read was in the wisteria pergola tucked almost unnoticed behind the garden’s main fountain. The wisteria shaded walkway overlooks the 12 foot high jet fountain and the main lawn decorated on either side with twin allées of white and pink crab apple trees. The benches within the pergola are backed by cool, limestone and walls of ivy and vines lace the iron structure. Overall the beauty of the garden is undeniable and of the three sections of the garden there is certainly one place where each person can find to escape away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

-Symone Snowden-Wright


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