Planes, Trains, and Horse-Drawn Carriages

Madeline Lieberberg

It’s no secret that Manhattan is as much a community for its urban dwellers as it is for out-of-town tourists.  Whether partaking in the awkward “shuffle dance” to move passed each other on the street, or cozying up next to another’s shopping purchases on a crowded 6 train, each kind of New Yorker is impossibly unavoidable to the other. When walking in the 50s along Fifth Avenue, I could not help but notice the odd ways that those less familiar to  New York moved around the city. To anyone who is looking for a rip-off around midtown, here are a few of recommendations:

The Pedicab. There is an undeniable buzz to the traffic along Fifth, a sound that eventually becomes immune to one’s ears within minutes of roaming around. One noise in particular, a little “ding-ding” sounds too distinct to blend with the rest of the pleasant cacophony. It belongs to the Pedicab, an allegedly “greener” (and faster) mode of congestion-inducing transportation. The shrill “ding” from its bell and in-your-face advertising by the pedicab driver convince many to forgo a claustrophobic taxi or underground subway ride for a memorable trip through the streets of midtown –without helmets, seatbelts, and remotely reasonable fair. That being said, the passengers in these pedicabs always looked happy (and blissfully unaware).

The Double Decker. What could be better than a spending a beautiful day and hefty sum to be stuck in traffic -in one of the greatest walking cities in the world? The smartest of tourists simply walk through the city, guidebook–in-hand and megaphone free.

The Horse-Drawn Carriage. Central Park is the oasis within a city of pollution and grime, even possessing the bucolic smell of nature.  That would be the smell of horses and everything that comes with them. As the iconic horse-and-buggy ride may seem, ever wonder how the horses were treated?

By all means, Fifth Avenue midtown is worth exploring, not for one particular place or experience, but for observing one of the city’s most extravagant buildings and exciting street attractions. Even in the most trafficked tourist spots like Fifth Avenue midtown, it is always safest, cheapest and pleasurable to do what everyone else does and just go by foot.

A better method of transportation?


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