Madison Square Park

If you are ever looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city you might find Madison Square Park the perfect getaway. Located just past the Flatiron building, a landmark you can’t possibly miss, the park starts on E 23rd St. sandwiched between 5th Avenue and Madison. The relaxing oasis allows for a relatively quiet spot to catch up on some reading, work on an assignment or even just soak in some sun. I know I am always looking for a great place to tan and after a day in the park you are practically guaranteed to leave bronzed and beautiful. While there are plenty of young people to interact with on the grassy lawn, there are also shaded spaces underneath the surrounding trees to sit undisturbed. The best part about being in Madison Square Park is the insulation provided by the towering buildings that align the street wrapping around the edges. This blocks out much of the noise generated from the outside traffic and city sounds, giving the park a more peaceful feeling.

However, what I recommend even more so than laying out is indulging in a treat from the famous “Shake Shack”. This shiny tin dining venue is located at the south entrance of the park and is well known for its burgers, fries, hot dogs and of course, milkshakes. City regulars and tourists flock to the stand creating a line that could stretch the length of the park’s perimeter. If you have time though, the food is definitely worth the wait-especially the french fries. The unique snack bar type eatery brings a pleasant simplicity to compliment the laid back atmosphere of the park. Madison Square Park is the perfect place to relax on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and a great way to experience the city in a low-key setting.


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