Ode to the Hudson by Alex Alston

Among the many worthwhile places to visit in Tribeca I would have to recommend the Hudson River Greenway running parallel to West St. between Stuyvesant High School and Canal Street.  Now I’m personally a sucker for a body of water so my opinion is definitely a little biased.  I absolutely loved walking down this part of the greenway, which is a paved stretch bordered on the right (as you walk north) by just enough greenery and a lot of interestingly shaped rocks.  I found the steady sound of the water’s incessant slap against the concrete wall combined with the absolutely amazing view of the night-time New Jersey sky to be one of the most relaxing spots in Tribeca.  For those who want to be alone, this stretch of the greenway is great for private conversations or just thinking.  The Statue of Liberty, lighted in the distance, was particularly charming.  For those that like to keep busy there were ducks to feed and free binocularesque devices with which to view Jersey.   The cool air from the water combined with steady breezes make this spot great for lounging on particularly warm nights.  As amazing of a place as it is, I noted that it was not at all crowded.  This was probably due to the timing of my visit, around 10:00 p.m., but I hardly saw anyone save the occasional jogger and a few dedicated dog-walkers.  The area is very well lit, and given that it is in Tribeca, I don’t think safety is an issue at all.  I did run across a couple of security guards patrolling just as the park closed and they were very cordial.  Finally, there are even basketball and tennis courts as well as parking located on this stretch.  I won’t pretend to have done this place justice in such few words but if you ever have the chance it is definitely worth a visit.  I’m sure the sunset there is marvelous.


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