Nolita: Sitting Still by Hilary Landa

Strolling down Nolita’s quaint, yet energetic streets on a warm summer afternoon, I was welcomed into this lovely neighborhood by a host of lively cafes, cute boutiques, and an undeniably fun, relaxed environment. With such a diverse range of restaurants, bars, and clothing stores, right away it was clear to see that this area definitely had something to provide everyone. Nolita’s slower-paced, comfortable atmosphere presents New Yorkers with the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a delightful lunch with family, explore all of the different shops with the girls, or go out on a romantic date with that special someone.
However, the heart of Nolita continues to be St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral located on the corner of Prince and Mulberry Streets. Established in 1815, this beautiful landmark was New York’s first Cathedral Church, truly giving the area a unique touch of historical ambiance. The breathtaking cathedral was simply open for the public to enter, which I whole-heartedly took advantage of during my walk through the area. The colorful stain-glass windows depicting various biblical scenes, the inviting mahogany benches seating numerous scattered people with their heads bowed and hands clasped, and calming spiritual atmosphere created a peaceful, yet majestic environment, the cathedral acting as a quiet, rejuvenating haven from the often noisy, busy streets of New York. I slowly walked into the dimly lit cathedral observing the large marble altar, ornately carved reredos, and elegant organ and just sat taking it all in for a few moments. From my short time here in New York, I have found that sometimes you just need to sit still for a while. Sometimes you need to escape the go, go, go pace of the city and catch your breath, regroup, reflect, put things in perspective, and that is what St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral and Nolita as a whole offer its New Yorkers.


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