Great Bakery by Albert Chang

It’s late in the afternoon.  I find all of the Lower East Side interesting with the historic landmarks and the traditional Chinese cultural aspects mixed with the Jewish parts.  The people that inhabit display their pride in their native countries by speaking their native dialects and sell their homeland’s traditional goods to other people of that culture.  Being Chinese myself, I had to indulge in the cultural limelight.  The traditional Chinese Bakery called Great Bakery was the first place I came upon to decide to indulge.  

Inside of the bakery, the selection of cross cultural desserts is numerous.   I can’t imagine another place where one can find traditional western fruit cakes and croissants and traditional Chinese desserts like egg tarts in the same display window.  The bakers and the customers are typical first generation Chinese citizens doing business in that they are bartering and negotiating prices vigorously and loudly.  I notice a treat that stems from being a mixture of the two cultures East and West, the roll cake. 

The slice of roll cake has the right fluff and creaminess to indulge in.  I was very pleased with the treat, since I haven’t had it in some years.  I wished I could try all the treats in the selection, but I don’t have the time nor the money at the moment.  I will make a point.  If anybody wants to try all different kinds of Chinese treats and have the pastries they are used to, I highly recommend this place, Great Bakery.


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