Shilpa Sachdeva: Feeling BOLD??

Since arriving in New York, I have learned many new things. Some, such as convenient “street smarts”, were learned over time, through hilariously close calls with the finest characters New York has to offer, as my friends and I navigated the never-ending city and subway systen. Others were more intellectually stimulating, and gained from evenings spent experiencing enriching plays and exhibits, followed by engaging in interesting class discussions.

However, much was learned by chance. While doing my walking tour of Broadway in the Upper West Side, I learned of the rivalries between the specialty supermarkets lined up around 74th street. Our local Durham Whole Foods pales in comparison to grocery giants Fairway and Citarella, which boast “the largest selection of frozen seafood” or “kosher selections to die for”. The caliber of their products is evident from their packaging and their prices, and further confirmed by the steady stream of people flowing in and out of the busy doors. Always searching for ways to “one-up” each other, neither will disappoint; however, I would recommend my adventurous classmates all experience something completely different and visit Fairway before the summer is up. Fairway prides itself on being “foie gras central”, and you might want to try this delicious delicacy before it’s too late!! At Fairway I learned about foie gras (also by chance), which is a gourmet meat made from fattened duck liver. In the past two months, local animal rights activists have staged protests regarding the dish, which is supposedly only available when birds are force-fed in order to engorge their livers to the proper fatty consistency. There are efforts in progress to ban selling it in New York; the controversial meat can not be sold in Chicago. Get it while you can, and make this summer one to remember!!

Foie Gras Central. (image courtesy of


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