HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival, by Sydney Jones

It’s dusk in New York City, and the incandescent rays of the sunset reflect off the skyscrapers on 6th Avenue into the designer sunglasses of the yuppies as they exit their office buildings for the day. The swift breeze and slightly opaque sky paint the perfect setting for a summer evening. The HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival marks the onset of summer for many New Yorkers, and the blissful ambiance that pervades the air leads locals to the lawn of Bryant Park to enjoy a classic movie.

From Monty Python and the Holy Grail to Bonnie and Clyde and Rosemary’s Baby, New Yorkers flock to the park to enjoy these favorite pastime films underneath the city lights and glistening stars. The jovial scene becomes effervescent, extending beyond the movie screen to the moviegoers as they sip wine and share laughs with friends both old and new on the bright green lawn. New Yorkers and tourists bond over their mutual anticipation and discuss the city’s best pizza and most modish nightclub while patiently awaiting the show. One young artist showcases his guitar skills while another woman excitedly shrieks when she recognizes an old colleague from high school and her husband across the lawn. Needless to say, the atmosphere couldn’t be any better.

After relishing the movie, a few observers slowly make their way in the direction of their homes; however, most others remain lounging on the lawn or transfer to the surrounding chairs and tables throughout Bryant Park to continue the merriment of the evening. A few more espressos and anecdotes later, the New Yorkers finally call it a night but already look forward to next week when they will again have an opportunity to enjoy another great film in the urban oasis that is Bryant Park.


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