Columbus Circle by Bridget Gomez

I am no stranger to these city streets, yet it is always nice to discover an unfamiliar area. Recently, I visited Columbus Circle and was completely captivated by what I found. With the Time Warner Center, the Trump International Tower and Hotel and Central Park all on the circle’s periphery, it is no wonder that the area is always buzzing with activity.

When I stepped out of the subway, I was immediately immersed in a flurry of movement from businessmen, students, and tourists all walking about to get to their destinations. It seemed unreal that there would be so many amazing structures in one glance as I looked across toward the park – the steel globe of the Trump Towers, golden statues at the entrance of Central Park, the circle itself, with its fountain and marvelous statue of Columbus at its center.

The architecture of the surrounding buildings gave me the distinct impression that I was in an important business hub of the city. Yet this business-like atmosphere with men and women in their power suits seemingly sprinting through the city streets was mixed with a funky brand of people, most of whom were of a younger generation. Meshed into this already strange group were many tourists excitedly taking pictures of all the sights. If it weren’t for the buildings, I wouldn’t have been able to get a read on just what kind of place Columbus Circle was.

Perhaps most telling of the kind of area Columbus Circle is are the Shops at Columbus Circle within the Time Warner Center. With stores like Coach, and J.Crew and a floor devoted to high-end restaurants, this shopping center is most definitely a place worth checking out. Upon entering, I was astounded by the amazing atrium into which I was received. I was greeted by “Adam and Eve,” sculptures by the acclaimed sculptor Botero. On the second floor was a display of original artwork for the upcoming World Cup for soccer and the third and fourth floors contained upscale restaurants, bakeries and stores. I could have spent hours exploring this building alone!

I greatly enjoyed getting to know Columbus Circle and look forward to going back. It is an extremely fun and vibrant area that truly represents the concrete jungle that is New York City.

Columbus Circle


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