Mary Choteborsky by Nanjie Caihua

Mary Choteborsky

Mary Choteborsky was a guest speaker for a Duke University course. The following blog was posted by Nanjie Caihua.

Mary Choteborsky

Ms. Choteborsky graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University in 2003.[1] While excelling in her busy academic life, she was also on the school’s Ski Racing Team for the last three years of her college experience.[2] She started her work at Crown Publishing Group in 2005, and was promoted to the position of Associate Publishing Manager/Associate Editor in the summer of 2008.[3]

As associate publishing manager, Ms. Choteborsky works closely with the Publisher, to help strategize on short-term and long-term list management, balancing, and positioning. As an editor, her work covers a wide range of nonfiction including current affairs, social commentary, memoirs, sports, practical nonfiction, and business.[4] In fact, she was the editor of the New York Times bestsellers The Green Book by Elizabeth Rogers, The Beckham Experiment by Grant Wahl, and In the President’s Secret Service by Ronald Kessler.

Besides her position as manager and editor, she sits on panels at events that promote and market environmentally friendly publishing. She was one of panelists at the webcast initiative titled “Successful ‘Green’ Publishing: Production Marketing and Beyond” co-hosted by Publishers Weekly and Green Press in February 2009.  The free webcast discussed “not only how a publisher can reduce environmental impacts but how using fewer resources can be part of a marketing strategy and support all areas of a publishing program.”[4]


Crown Publishing Group is now a subsidiary of Random House, the world’s largest book publisher. Crown includes many imprints such as Crown Books, Crown Business, and Three Rivers Press to name a few.

The original company was called Outlet Book Company and was founded in 1933 by American entrepreneurs Nat Wartels and Bob Simon. The Outlet Book Company’s Crown Books operated as an independent company until 1988 when it was purchased by Random House.

In 1998, Random House was bought by the transnational media corporation Bertelsman AG based in Germany.

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