Dueling Markets: Fairway and Citarella’s: Grady O’Brien

When in the Haute Bourgeois section of the Upper West Side, which stretches along Broadway from 72nd to 86th, I would recommend visiting the markets Fairway and Citarella’s. While the other attractions, such as the Collegiate Church, Collegiate School, and Belnord are interesting to see, I was unable to enter any of them. The markets, however, were very much open and bustling.

On my visit last Saturday Fairway was quite packed with people shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. The outside display is a dense wall of flower bouquets that have an equally pleasing sight and scent. Perhaps a flower display could be a nice addition to a dreary dorm room. Inside are containers upon containers of healthy looking fruits and vegetables. These would make nice snacks during a walk along Broadway.

Right next door is Citarella’s. This seemed to me at the time to be a conflict of interest, with two markets right next to each other, but both stay in business. Citarella’s had an extensive selection of meats and prepared seafood dishes. These might not be of much use to a dorm resident, but a variety of breads were also available. Bread could make a nice snack to have around the room. Also at Citarella’s was a fantastic display of chocolate bars of all varieties: milk, dark, caramel, almond, mint and so on. I had a hard time restraining myself from purchasing one when I was up there and I would certainly recommend if you are a fan of chocolate to try theirs.

Other attraction of the area are the upscale places to shop including: Coach, Aldo, Gap, and a Godiva store. However, there is still a nice residential feel, which makes for a pleasing Saturday walk.


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