Mind of a Mad Man: Greg Ketchum


By: Alex Davis

before the dapper Don Draper of AMC’s Mad Men became the “King of Media” on the small screen, David Ogilvy—founder
of ad agency Ogilvy & Mather in 1948—hailed as the “The Father of
Advertising.” Ogilvy currently houses seven divisions in over 160 cities and
is responsible for some of the most recognizable and innovative ads today. Look
no farther then the regular women featured in the ad giant’s  “Dove Campaign For Real Beauty” who
have become empowering role models for females everywhere. When we hear the
countless celebs say the words “My Life, My Card”, we know they are holding a
shiny American Express card in their hand—and Ogilvy is responsible for such
brand recognition. Greg ketchum

Ketchum, copywriter and Group Creative Director at Ogilvy, is part of the
current advertising team helping to expand the success of one of the greatest
international marketing, advertising, and public relations agencies in the
world. Ketchum incorporates the company’s key concept to build brands through
“360 Degree Brand Stewardship”—combining local knowledge and clients with all
vital worldwide networks. Greg Ketchum has achieved great success with this
approach, currently co-managing the IBM account for Ogilvy, and previously
working on Motorola and Lenovo.

rampant affairs Don Draper is known for on television provided the very medium
for Ketchum to visually interpret the compromising situation that Governor
Spitzer found himself in last ySpitzerear. Ketchum’s work was a craze around the
country, and was just as hard to forget as the affair itself. (see below left)

Ketchum began his career at Ogilvy in 2004, Ketchum was Creative Director on
Saturn and Worldwide Creative Director for Hewlett-Packard at Hal Riney & Partners
in San Francisco. He also spent eight notable years at BBDO in Los Angeles from
1989-1997. His success at BBDO included working as Creative Director for Apple
Computer and adding the title of Senior Vice President, Creative Director to
his resume.  Rumor has it that the
ad agency in Mad Men is based on BBDO.
Throughout his accomplished years in the advertising business, Ketchum has been
recognized several times for his work, including awards at Cannes and a Kelly
Finalist Honors for Apple Computer.

Ketchum speaks with our class as part of the Inside Advertising Speakers
Program of The Advertising Educational Foundation (AEF). AEF is a non-profit
organization aimed at enriching society’s knowledge about the advertising
realm. The Inside Advertising Speakers Program brings top ad executives, like
Greg Ketchum, into the classroom to unveil the workings of such an influential

Take a peak at more of Ogilvy’s Creative Portfolio
(featuring TV/print ads for Nestle, American Express, Matel, IBM, etc):


Resources Consulted:

Greg Ketchum Biography Provided by Miriam Vines








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