John Lo Manto and Lizz Torgovnick: A Look into the Worlds of Culinary Arts and Events Planning, by Pam Liu

Imagine celebrating an anniversary without
a fancy meal, or putting together an entire company picnic with one day’s
notice. Hard right? No memorable event in our lives is complete without either
good food and/or extensive planning. Whether it’s organizing weddings and award
ceremonies or providing culinary delight to small business gatherings and birthday
celebrations, Lizz Torgovnick, production coordinator at Paint the Town Red and
John Lo Manto, chef at Hearth Restaurant, know the key to success in the
service industries.

Lizz Torgovnick is the production
coordinator at Paint the Town Red (PTTR). Paint the Town Red is an events
planning company started in 1988, serving corporate and non-profit
organizations, as well as personal individuals. The company goal is to plan and
fully execute a truly memorable event, while staying within the budget and
style of the client. In the past, PTTR has organized a wide range of events
such as The Children’s Choice Book Awards, Dick’s Sporting Goods Rooftop
Fashion Show, Lehman Brothers Equity Research Offsite, and the Horticulture
Society Annual Fundraiser. PTTR produces nearly 500 events per year. Stressed
out about an upcoming wedding, anniversary or bar mitzvah? PTTR can help you
fulfill your vision. Just visit
and fill out an event registration form!

Children’s Choice Book Awards

2 Lehman Brother’s Team Building

3 Horticulture Society Fundraiser

 But what is a great event, or life, without
great food? John Lo Manto, a chef at the Hearth Restaurant in Manhattan’s
East Village, is a mastermind to creating
delectable cuisine. Hearth features a comforting environment with a menu
consisting of “classical dishes that have been given a contemporary spin”. The
food is created with traditional Italian cooking methods to produce the most
authentic and flavorful sensations. And don’t always expect the same dishes
every time you visit Hearth, the menu undergoes daily and seasonal changes! The
restaurant also boasts an impressive wine selection. Take a look at

Below are a few of Hearth’s signature dishes. Almost looks
too good to eat. Almost..


Snapper Crudo with Lemon, Red Pepper and Rosemary.


Apple Cider Donuts
with Apple Compote Maple Cream


Steamed Chocolate Cake
with Cardamom-Poached Pears & Earl Grey Ice Cream


Roasted and Braised Domestic Lamb
with Lamb Sausage, Buttercup Squash and Chanterelles

A Look inside the Hearth’s main dining area.


Interesting Facts:

 Lizz Torgovnick, offspring of Marianna Torgovnick, is a 2004
Duke graduate with a BA in Visual Arts. She, and her family, enjoy to cook, as
evidenced by this online cookbook from her personal webpage:



Hearth has been featured in a Japanese Calendar.



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