Broadway’s Bill Brohn – By Sadie Brinton

Duke in New York Sightings: Brohn_william

Alex Davis sent this juicy tidbit in: Spotted at the DT UT Café on the Upper
East Side – Bill Brohn of New York theatre fame*.
  Could it be that this seasoned Broadway star is working on
something new?
  Or is he just
looking for a cup of joe?

For those of you who don’t know Mr.
Brohn, he is the genius behind the orchestrations for some of modern Broadway’s
greatest hits.
  Ever heard of a
little musical called
Wicked?  Brohn’s orchestration earned this
crowd-pleaser a Tony Nomination and the trophy from the Drama Desk for Best
Orchestration in 2004. But the Wicked Witch of the West was certainly not
Brohn’s first taste of success.
His other original orchestrations have been hits with both crowds and
critics, earning him awards for
Miss Saigon and the dazzling Ragtime.  His
help bringing classic musical revivals, such as
My Fair Lady and Oklahoma, back to Broadway have shown that it is possible to spice up the music of older shows!

But Broadway is not the only way
for Mr. Brohn.
  The great musician
has created arrangements for some of today’s most famed ballet companies and
some of the dance world’s most noted directors.
  He has also written for artists as varied as the fabulous
Liza Minelli and the renowned Sir James Galway. This Michigan boy has even
managed to hop successfully back and forth across the Pond to London’s West
  In fact his most recent work,
an adaptation of the classic American novel
Gone With The Wind opened this spring at the New London Theatre.  Although British papers did not give
the most favorable reviews – there was more disappointment with the problems of
squeezing an epic war novel into a sugary musical – I can’t wait to see his
next show stateside.
  So lets all
keep our fingers crossed that Alex saw the genius at work and we’re sure to be
in for some stunning music very soon! 

*This did not actually happen but it would be cool if it did…


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