James Shulman, ARTstor and more (Caroline Lampen)

Wassily Kandinsky, Circles in a Circle, 1923

James Shulman is Executive Director of a prominent online
digital library of images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities,
and social sciences.  This
expansive database, ARTstor, is comprised of almost 1 million images that are
used by scholars, educators, students, and museums throughout the world.  ARTstor was founded in 2001 by The
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and became an independent organization in 2004 with
the objective of implementing advances in technology to support education and

Does ARTstor sound familiar?  While many students who study Art History or Humanities use
this database, the rest of the student population is probably more familiar
with JSTOR as a tool to search for academic articles.  JSTOR, the older brother of ARTstor, was also initially
sponsored by the Mellon Foundation. 
While their names sound alike, they are different in the respect that
ARTstor deals with primary materials and JSTOR mostly provides secondary
sources.  In an interview with
EDUCAUSE, James Shulman stated that ARTstor should be used as a tool to “bring
community together to work with content owners and providers and users”,
reflecting the goal of the digital library to succeed in developing pedagogical
and scholarly resources to serve many different groups of people.

While James Shulman has been integral in the progress of
ARTstor, he is also a man whose interests have taken him beyond the scope of
arts.  In the last ten years, he
authored several books on the changing face of college education with regard to
race demographics and college sports. 
His books are an outgrowth of the research work he did at the Mellon Foundation,
prior to his position at ARTstor, on the development of the College and Beyond
database.  He co-authored with
William Bowen, The Game of Life: College Sports and Educational Values, in which they assess the ways that athletics
influence the educational policies of highly selective and prestigious
universities, like Duke.  James
Shulman is a great example of an individual who has pursued various passions
throughout his career!



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