Guest Blogger: Teddy Tu

As this is my first time in an extended stay in New York, one thing that my
friends have said through the ages is that New York Shopping is second to none.
I have been to Hong Kong and Tokyo many times and those are also considered to
be top tier shopping cities. Though I am not a ?high fashion? or ?edgy?
or whatever description that may make it seem that I wear anything more
?cooler? than a straight solid-color polo shirt with khaki shorts or pants
depending on the weather, I was interested in having a unique ?shopping
experience? in New York City. Naturally, I was drawn to the Upper East Side,
particularly 5th Ave and Madison Ave due to their International appeal through
their well known names such as Prada, Dior, Intermix, etc? However, I was
actually into more of the Department Stores than these boutiques.  As I was
looking to buy a friend a birthday present, I finally had an excuse to wander
the aisles and floors of stores like Bloomingdales, Macys, Barneys, and
Bergdorf Goodman. Yes, I did feel extremely awkward about 95% of the time
because I was looking for a present for a girl so I was looking at everything
from perfume to handbags to scarves. I did not have any preparation for the
type of terms the saleswomen were throwing at me like, ?What?s her
style?? To, I suppose, an average shopper who knows what he or she is doing,
that seems to be a very simple question. To me, however, it might have been in
Martian. As to that question, I replied jokingly, ?The looking good style??
Thankfully, she knew I was out of my element and proceeded to ask me questions
about her personality and what she had wore in the past. It was also a great
thing that I have been friends with her since I was 5 and remembered a lot of
what she had wore in the past. We went through everything, identifying shoes
like ?ballerina flats, chandelier earrings, to Miu Miu boots that were
?in? for the fall. We had then proceeded to pick out a handbag that was
?perfect.? This experience not only showed me the shopping culture of New
York, but it also opened a complete fashion-idiot like me to the intricacies of



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2 responses to “Guest Blogger: Teddy Tu

  1. Miriam

    I’m glad you were able to step outside of your element. That’s part of this experience!

  2. marko

    totally cool and i agree

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