Guest Blogger: Teddy Tu


An experience like watching a professional baseball game in Yankee Stadium is one of the most exciting for a baseball fan as myself. But to watch the Yankees AND the Red Sox, my team of allegiance, in Yankee Stadium in the middle of a pennant race in early September, is something I will remember forever. As we sit now and wait for Game 4 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and
the Colorado Rockies, reflecting on that experience in "The House that Ruth Built", I could relate the experience those fans feel in Colorado with my own sitting in that game on that warm September Subway_street
night. As expected, game itself was emotionally intense and fun, nothing out of the ordinary between these rivals, considered to be the best rival in sports along with Duke-North Carolina, Colts-Patriots, and Ohio State-Michigan.

Though the baseball aspect of it was great, since baseball is my favorite sport and the Red Sox are my favorite team, the seats that I was able to get was ever better. Sitting about a dozen
rows behind home plate, compliments of a friend, I was able to sit two rows behind Tiger Woods and three seats to the left of Cameron Diaz.

Though seeing celebrities in Yankee Stadium is not an anomaly, much like it is in Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, I could not help but to be a little star struck seeing the greatest golfer in the history of its sport and an A-list movie star who has starred in one of the funniest movies, ?There?s something about Mary.?  All in all, watching a Red Sox-Yankees game in New York as a Red Sox fan, meeting celebrities like Tiger Woods and Cameron Diaz, and watching the Red Sox win gave an ideal start to the DiNY program for me for the Fall of 2007.



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  1. Miriam

    I love that you guys are getting out and doing things that aren’t part of the program. I’m incredibly jealous about your wonderful seats! Were you brave enough to get an autograph?

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