Guest Blogger: Jessica Edison

I kinda saw this musical three times. While this may make me slightly insane, in my defense, ISpring_awakening1lg
did not plan to
see it three times. It is just that
people (i.e. my parents,
visiting friends, and the class) kept wanting to go to it, and I almost never
turn down a Broadway musical.

I must admit that I do have an unusually high tolerance for re-watching things,
I feel that this is a particularly good show and highly recommend it. Based on the play of the same name by Frank
Wedekind, Spring Awakening tells the story of a sexual awakening of a
group of young adolescents in 1890’s provincial Germany which leads to tragic
consequences. While the musical retains
the same setting, it incorporates modern rock-like show tunes, which oddly work
wonderfully into the story. (In
addition, there are some major plot changes between the play and the

music is by Duncan Sheik who is known for the hit-song “Barely Breathing.” I enjoyed the songs so much that I downloaded
the entire album from iTunes. (I also
downloaded “Barely Breathing” which I used to like but had completely forgotten
about). My favorite song is probably
“Totally F****d” which is a high-energy full-cast or nearly full-cast
number. And honestly, any song that ends
with the cast flipping off the audience is going to make me smile. Also, if in addition to swearing, you like
partial nudity and somewhat graphic sex scenes, then this is the musical for

don’t, however, want to give the idea that this piece is just about swearing
and nudity. It is honestly a really good
and well-done serious work. If you don’t
want to believe me then trust the Tony Awards—it won eight including best
musical. The original leads are still
performing, and this is definitely a musical worth checking out. 

New York Times Review


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One response to “Guest Blogger: Jessica Edison

  1. Miriam

    I’ve never seen it, but I hope to the next time I’m up! Kudos for going 3 times!

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