Guest Blogger: Alfred Miller Jr.

    I coupled my Fall for Dance experience with a trip to Long Island to see the So You Think You Can Dance Tour featuring the top ten dancers from season 3 of the summer’s number one show. More then the show itself I was excited to get out of Manhattan and see a different part of thUser8805798_1168767890e city. (I’m not sure if Long Island is e
ven still considered part of the city.)  I took the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) which is more like the Amtrak trains than New York City’s metro. You have to purchase tickets before you get on the train and then conductors walk through the train and punch holes in your ticket to show that it’s been used.  Note: Leave some time for you to get to the station and buy tickets because buying tickets on the train is waaaayyyy to expensive! I learned this the hard way.  On the way I paid $13 while on the train, but paid only $6 on the way back because my brother held the train’s doors while I bought us both one way tickets back to Penn station.

            The concert was amazing though. I don’t know if it was more exciting that I finally was able to see some of my favorite routines that I had seen on television or that there were new routines that had never been created solely for the tour.  I love the show mostly because it’s bePost4337431180958290en a great way to bring dance to middle America and get more people interested in lots of different styles of dance from hip hop to the Viennese waltz.  Also, the show has made choreographers and some dancers
house hold names, which would never have happened without repeatedly seeing and voting on pieces created or danced by these artists.  Well I could talk about SYTYCD forever, but if you haven’t watched.  There are lots of reruns of all three of the past seasons on MTV soon.  probably now.


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