Guest Blogger: Allie Fields

Bruce Springsteen Concert

    Last night I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert at Continental Airlines Arena (out by Giant Stadium in Jersey).  I have been hearing about the legendary Bruce concerts from my dad ever since I was little, so I was excited to see what it was actually like in person.  We ended up getting there about an hour & a half early, and we walked around the parking lot where people were grilling, throwing footballs and blasting Springsteen songs.  (The only bad part was that there was only one PortaPotty, so the lines were really long.  It was bad enough to have to use a PortaPotty so the wait did not make me very happy). 
    The culture at the concert was so distinct, everyone seemed to know when to sing, what to do, etc. My dad told me that pretty much everyone there has already seen him one million other times, so it was a little intimidating because I dont know many of his songs, especially the newer ones.  Dave and I were also significantly younger than most people in the crowd.  Despite that, it was a lot of fun anyway.  I have never been to something where the crowd was so excited and so into a show, and that made the atmosphere absolutely amazing.   Springsteen is actually from New Jersey so that fact that it was a hometown crowd definitely added to the craziness.  All in all, it was an awesome night and I’m really glad I got to experience one of his concerts, as the tickets are nearly impossible to get.
    In addition to seeing the Bruce concert, Dylan and I happened to stumble on a
really great street fair that was taking place down by NYU.  We went down to
that area to go shopping for Halloween costumes (which we did eventually find

in a rather questionable shop across the street).   Anyways, the fair was great!  The weather outside was perfect, a typical fall day the way it should be (and by that I mean not 80 degrees!).  We were really excited by the idea of getting fresh squeezed lemonade and we eventually got taken in by the experience and walked the entire 2 block stretch of vendors.  There were people selling everything from $1 Thai Food to 2 for $10 scarves to American Apparel clothing to handmade jewelry.  Dylan bought two great scarves (which I?m sure I will borrow by the end of the semester) and we both bought dresses from this awesome Indian shop.  They are essentially just long pieces of material that can be wrapped, twisted or tied in a variety of ways to create really cool dresses or skirts.  I won?t bore you with the details of these outfits but trust me, they are pretty cool.  Finding this street fair randomly actually reminded me of E.B. White?s piece we read at the beginning of the semester.  We would never have known this was g oing on unless we had accidentally stumbled on it the way we did.  It is really crazy to think about what other types of things I must be missing out on, if I have already found so many cool surprises!


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