Final Project Showcase: Blogger’s Guide to Life

As many of you know, I created this New York State of Mind blog for my final project.   My internship this semester at the venture capital-backed Oddcast, Inc. inspired me to get this blog up and running (so too did certain Oddcast co-workers…thanks Charlie!) .  Quick note about Oddcast: Oddcast creates very successful viral marketing campaigns for companies like ESPN, American Express, and Disney.  For two awesome examples of Oddcast’s work, check out  Starbucks Its Red Again and Purina Doggie Mail. OK, back to my blog:

This fall, my main project at
Oddcast consisted of marketing the company’s animated character-based services to influential technology-minded business bloggers.  This involved first figuring out which bloggers were influential, and second, contacting these bloggers and convincing them to use Oddcast’s products and Header_logo
services.  In the process of looking over hundreds of blogs, I learned a lot not only about communications technology and online business, but also about blogging in general.

After my time at Oddcast, I feel that it is becoming more and more of a standard for individuals
and companies to have live, dynamic online spaces where prospective employers and clients Starbucksex
can go  to learn about  the company or individual’s day-to-day operations, writings, and thoughts.   This is where a blog can be very helpful.  Essentially, a blog is "a regularly updated

journal published on the web" (thank you Technorati).  The
key difference between a blog and a run-of-the-mill website is this regular updating.  A blog is a live, dynamic space for self-expression. 

Over the past few months, I’ve very much enjoyed creating and facilitating this New York State of Mind blog.  The blog has ended up serving as both a Duke in New York online community space and also as a PR and marketing vehicle for the program.  Since it worked out well this semester, we’ve decided to try and make New York State of Mind a permanent fixture in the Duke in New York program.   

  In order to make the blog sustainable, I wrote up a Blogger’s Bible as part of my final project.  My goal with the Duke in New York Blogger’s Bible was to make Bloggersbibleannotations_1
it possible (and easy) for a

student with no knowledge of
HTML coding or web design to become the new manager of New York State of Mind.   

If you’re interested in creating a TypePad blog of your own, or if you’re interested in learning more about either this Duke in New York blog or the ideas behind blogging in general, take a look at this Blogger’s Bible!  The document is eleven pages long (including diagrams), and there is an annotated bibliography at the end detailing some of my sources, so it may take a minute to download, but it should be worth checking out.  Hope you find it helpful!   

Download DukeinNY_BloggersBible_KristinaWilson.doc


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