Review from Prof. Jeff Storer: Dark Matters

On Thursday night, we saw Dark Matters, a new play by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, directed by Trip Cullman at the Rattlestick Theater.  Here is an informal review by Jeff Storer.  The fabulous constellation pic is from him too.  Let us know what you think!!:

"Ok.  So here’s my take on Dark Matters.

I didn’t love it.  But it prompted a lot of conversation between my friend and I.  (Peter really liked it.  I thought the actress who played the mother was terrific.)  So it made me wonder what might make it work for me.

I think it would have been interesting if the actor who played the son had really been, or been able to play, 16.  Even with all of the character’s bravura and drinking/accused drug use, etc. , if he had been more vulnerable, I think the ultimate need to protect him would have helped to make more sense out of the play.  I felt like the actor who played the boy ‘pushed’ way too hard.  Too much hand to brow angst.  Telling us he was upset, rather than just living in the behavior of a young kid dealing with a hard to understand move from the city to the mountains and (the possibility of?) having a promiscuous mother and an abusive father.  I think he should have been the one in the middle of the story, torn by the behavior of the Mother and the Father.  Ultimately finding the balance in the performances is the director’s job.  What do you think?"

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