Good Eats: Restaurant Recommendations from Marianna!

As a born-and-bred New Yorker with a passion for fine cuisine, Professor Marianna Torgovnick
knows more than a few fabulous NYC restaurants and bakeries.  Here are
a few juicy recommendations, straight from Marianna herself.  I can’t wait to try all these places out!!:

"Bruno’s Bakery
La Guardia Place between West 3rd and Houston:
class at NYU or after a day of holiday shopping in the Village, give
some thought to fabulous cappuccino and mouth-watering pasteries at
Bruno’s Bakery.  Recommended items: the butter cookies, especially the
pignoli (pine nut) cookies, the cannoli (hard shells filled with a
sweet ricotta-based cheese), the baba rum, the fruit tarts.  While
you’re here, the panettone (sweet brunch bread) or nougat candy makes a
good holiday gift.  And the coffee is excellent too. 

If you’re on the East side, Valerio’s serves the same stuff and is also wonderful: Second Avenue @ East 11th or 12th.

The Comfort Diner
West 23rd Street between Fifth and Sixth (North side of the street)
order anything fancy here.  Just go basic with grilled cheese or
chicken soup or mac and cheese or something similar.  Do not miss the
mix-it-yourself eggcreams (an Italian soda gone to Heaven): chocolate
is the New York classic; I love vanilla.  Excellent milkshakes here and
Lime Rickeys–and if you don’t know what Lime Rickeys are, your parents

Blue Smoke

East 27th between Lexington and Park Avenue South

A little bit of the South in your mouth.  Several varieties of ribs
and BBQ; great and cheap mac and cheese, superb deviled eggs–none of
it expensive, so that a group can share and come out at around
$10/person.  A fun room over a jazz club called Jazz Standard.  A great
bet for brunch, lunch, or dinner since the menu is not more expensive


Tamarind Tea Room

22nd between Fifth and Park

Delicious sandwiches and Indian pasteries on the cheap ($10 for the sandwich; $15 for both, including tea).  Huge selection of teas served in a cute room.  They will also serve from the main restaurant menu, if you ask.  Try the Tamarind Special Nan–stuffed with nuts and dried fruit and a meal in itself.  That main room, Tamarinds, is a lively place (ask for one of the cabana-like
booths for 4-6) and a great buy for lunch, when there is a 3 course menu for about $25. "

Thanks Marianna!  I’ve only posted half of Marianna’s recommendations here–look for a Recommendations: The Sequel post soon!!

Check out this picture of some of us eating at Turkish Cuisine (also very good, 9th between 44th and 45th) last week:



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