NYU Course: Photojournalism


Our resident photographer, Duke in New Yorker Melissa Ley, is taking a pretty sweet NYU course called Photojournalism.  Here’s a word from the syllabus:

"The goal of this course is to give you insight and practical experience in the field of photojournalism.  Through weekly assignments and the development of a multiple picture photo essay, you will develop the skills needed to effectively tell stories through pictures". 

Each week leading up to the final photo essay project, students took pictures for specific assignments, including a weather picture, an environmental portrait, and sports photography.  The course also focuses on teaching students how to critique their own work and the work of others and encourages students to develop a personal vision and style.

Melissa pursues a Documentary Studies Certificate at Duke and has very much enjoyed her NYU Photojournalism course so far.  She has traveled the City taking photographs, and for her final NYU project, she is developing a photo essay about the Duke in New York program.   




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2 responses to “NYU Course: Photojournalism

  1. krishna maharaj

    Presently I am chief photographer with a daily newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago and also teaching “Introduction to photography at an Institute in T&T.
    I will like to receive a certificate in photo journalism .I have 34 years in the field of photography graduated at UWI in Trinidad and NYI in New York

  2. krishna maharaj

    looking foward to an early reply

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