Work in Progress: Intern’s Guide to New York


Duke in New Yorker Diana Lane is working on a guide to New York City for her final project.  It is geared towards future interns who may not have the experience of living in a big city and are intimidated by the aspect of figuring out the transportation system, finding clothes that are suitable for the office, and deciding what to do with their free time when the workday is over.  You can view the work in progress by clicking on the link below.  Beware, the file is ginormous. 

NOTE from Kristina: Diana’s guidebook is an incredible resource for anyone visiting or moving to New York City.  Everyone in our program is extremely impressed by her work–we all asked for copies of the guide to use on our own during the rest of our time here!  Take 5 minutes to download it.  I guarantee you will be happy you did:      

Download title_page.doc

And here’s the finished product:

Download finished_interns_guide.doc


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  1. cfw

    Very useful report on interning in nyc with duke!

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