Final Project: The Global Cuisine of NYC

Thaifood Duke in New Yorker Caitlin Cooper has bravely ventured out into the diverse culinary world of New York City with a mission to sample as wide a variety of ethnic foods as possible.  This is especially impressive given that prior to Duke in NY, she pretty much limited herself to Italian food and good ol’ meat and potatoes.   Seriously, the list of foods that she currently or has in the past not liked or refused to eat is impressively long! 

Eventually Caitlin will compile a booklet with not only restaurant information but also recommendations about what type of food to expect and what to order as a safe bet.  For now, Caitlin has completed a list of Italian/Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, French, Cuban, Argentine, Chinese, Japanese/Sushi, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, and Ethiopian restaurants that she has checked out in Manhattan. 

If you need a recommendation about where to find your next meal, take a look at her list of restaurant names, addresses, phone numbers, and price ranges here:  Download restaurant_listcaitlin_cooper.doc



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