[title of show]…Good Memories!

Thanks to Laura and Jodi’s super fun performance from their upcoming (and way cool) musical [monkey] in class today, I came back to the New Yorker needing a serious [title of show] fix!  Check out 1. the new [title of show] tracks posted under "Sweet Tunes" in the sidebar 2. the [title of show] MySpace page–friend them!,  and 3. the TicketCentral interview video from YouTube.

(FYI for non-Duke in New Yorkers: Early in the semester we saw and very much enjoyed the Off-Broadway musical [title of show] at the Vineyard Theater.  Written and performed by Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen, Susan Blackwell, and Heidi Blickenstaff , a Duke alum and a guest speaker in class–we love you Heidi!,   [title of show] is a musical about the making of…well…itself.  After three extensions and a re-release at the Vineyard, the show had a very successful run, but it is now closed.  The show and the actors who wrote and performed it are awesome–everyone should check out the soundtrack!)


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