Madama Butterfly Soprano

On Thursday in class we discussed the performance of Cristina Gallardo-Domas as Cio-Cio-San in the Met’s current production of Madama Butterfly.  While we all agreed that Gallardo-Domas has an incredible voice, some of us were distracted by her very expressive and dramatic body movements throughout the performance. 

For comparison’s sake, here are two video clips, one of Cristina Gallardo-Domas singing "Un bel di vendremo" in 2003 and the second of opera legend Renata Tebaldi singing the same piece in the late 1950s.   Let us know what you think.

1. Cristina Gallardo-Domas, Madama Butterfly "Un bel di vendremo", Royal Opera House Covent Garden, 2003

2. Renata Tebaldi, Madama Butterfly "Un bel dì vedremo", first recording in color for television, about 1959, never broadcasted



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4 responses to “Madama Butterfly Soprano

  1. Marianna Torgovnick

    I love this posting but need some help. How do I stop the background (rock) music from playing while I listen to Tevaldi???

  2. Kristina

    When you want to stop the Billy Joel music, just press the green pause button on the lefthand columnn of the blog (if you look on the left, you’ll see the heading “Sweet Tunes”, under that heading you will see a green play/pause button, just press pause and the music will stop). Thanks!

  3. susan

    Kristina- so disappointed this and the Maria Callas video were taken down.. any other location to view them?
    Thanks for any information


  4. Kristina

    hi susan–thanks for the comment. it is indeed very unfortunate that these videos have been taken down. to find the videos, i searched Maria Callas and Renata Tebaldi on YouTube. i don’t know where else you would be able to find these specific videos, but, if you’re interested, here are the YouTube URLs for a number of Callas (
    and Tebaldi ( videos to check out.

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