Duke in New Yorkers,

The life of this blog depends on YOU.  Please please please participate!  This blog is an informal conversation.  As in any brainstorming session, please share your thoughts freely–don’t stress or worry about sounding like a genius–any question or comment you post will be interesting to all of us.  Here are some easy ways to engage yourself with OUR blog:

1. Comment on posts

This is the quickest, easiest, and one of the best and most visible ways to make your voice heard on this blog.  If, for example, you read Jeff’s review of Blue Door, and you have something interesting to add on, some cool facts or historical background to add, or something to say in response to Jeff, all you’ve got to do is hit "Comment", fill in your email address, and comment away!  Whatever you write will automatically show up just underneath Jeff’s post for all of us to see. 

2.  Add to our group calendar

I’ve created a Google Calendar account for us under the email  Our performance dates and assignment dates are already there.  If you’re doing something fun on Friday night, add it to the calendar, and maybe you’ll find someone to go along!  We’ll do more together, and at the very least, learn about cool stuff going on in the City.   To modify the calendar, just hit the Google Calendar icon on the left.  You should be directed right into the calendar (in case you are directed to the login page instead of the calendar itself,  I’ll email all of you our username and password).

3. Guest posts, photos, video, music, or anything else you may want either posted on or linked to this blog

Use the address to email me ideas for guest posts.  If you’re writing poetry, we’ll post some on the blog and generate some comments for you.  The same goes for photographs, video, or music.  If you go to a show and absolutely LOVE or HATE it, write a review, and we’ll put it up.  Remember, this blog’s for ALL OF US!

4. I’ll keep you posted (no pun intended) on new ways to participate as I add new features to the blog.

If you have any questions or suggestions, go ahead and post a comment.  Thanks!!



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2 responses to “How to PARTICIPATE

  1. Kristina

    Whoa! A sample comment!! cool! sweeeeeet!! FYI, you don’t have to put in a URL when you post a comment–just go ahead and leave that space blank (that is, unless you have a personal website you’d like us to check out!)

  2. cfw

    This looks great! I would suggest adding abstracts of papers written for credit, so thoughts about shows seen (etc.) can be preserved.

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